lenticular technology

lenticular technology

Lenticular technology is a high resolution process allowing to create visual effects
such as 3D (depth) imaging (autostereocopy) or animated pictures

allowing production of
autostereoscopic 3D or animated images
using lenticular plastic sheets
and offset, digital, or flexo printing.

lenticular history

Click here to know more  about the History of
Lenticular and related Autostereoscopic Methods

Specially interlaced files, perfectly aligned to the lens will allow the viewer to see different images depending on the angle

the lenticular sheet will allows the viewer  to see different images  depending of the angle

How is a lenticular sheet produced?

How is lenticular printed? We are showing you here.

First and foremost at the outset of any lenticular project, large or small, check the various visual effects available and ask questions!

Flip lenticular flip
Layer 3D
 3D Conversion
3D Modeling
Real 3D Photography
mixed effects
ex. 3D/Depth + zoom
 DP Lenticular business card

You’ll find more information here

One of the most important aspects of designing lenticular is the
If there is a strong concept,
lenticular designing
becomes a much easier task.


need lenticular images need lenticular sheets need lenticular software

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